2 missing periods 3 negative pregnancy tests

Patient: Hi, I was wondering how reliable pregnancy tests are. So far I’ve missed 2 periods in a row and soon it will be 3. I just came off birth control in December I think and I’ve been known to be irregular when not on the pill but not like this. I’ve taken 3 pregnancy tests (2 clear blu and 1 first response) in the past couple weeks and all have come back negative. I know they say stress and weight and freaking out that you may be pregnant can effect your cycle but I feel like this is a bit ridiculous. That being said, i’m a 5’3 96lb physics major with a senior thesis nearing its due date. If I’m really not pregnant, which would be preferable, is there something seriously wrong with me?

Symptoms: missed 2 periods
nipple tenderness

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Instead of relying on the home pregnancy you opt for a blood test for βhCG which is a pr egnancy test that is more reliable and sensitive which can detect even low amounts of the hormone. Or else see the doctor who will do a scan to diagnose the underlying reason for the delay in the periods.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.