2 years ago I got hit in the head full

Patient: 2 years ago I got hit in the head full speed hockey. my head snapped back I was dizzy got off ice.I continued to play 1 hour ( like an idiot ) went to the ER doctor said you seem ok you will be fine.The next 3 months my head always felt FULL…. if i touched my hair it made me feel sick for some reason.. ( my neck Whipped back snapped ) Guys said they were shocked it diddnt come off.The next 8 months I was off and on with many weird issues…under my eye felt full and bothered me. My sinus under my eyes and around head felt stuffed. I didnt want to watch TV play video games nothing. Even my son would ask me to play and It would be a struggle.everything seemed to get better though..however..The past year it seems I am always fullish….my sinus feel stuffed. Also If I lift my head straight up and bend backwards ( SOMETIMES) I get a shooting pain from the middle of my head to the front like its ripping apart…and I usually let out an ( OUCH ) then it goes right away…but feels as though I had a MAJOR MIGRANE but it has passed. that dull ( After migrane feeling you may experience ) But this is all in a matter of 2 min or less. I have also noticed when i sneeze and cough I will feel like a part of my head bursts with pain but it goes away.This has been going on off and on over the past year. The back of my NECK also always feels stiff and needs to be cracked off I am 31 and never used to crack my neck.. I do sit at a desk all day started this job 2 years ago.Sometimes i feel fine i can cough and do whatever no pain…but most of the time especially when its cold I almost feel my neck and brain are FULL and coughing hits nerves or something.ThanksDanielPS — NO CT NO MRI No nothing else.. I was told Post concussion thats it.