20 weeks pregnant and haven’t been to doctor

Patient: Hi i am 21 and expecting and havent seen the doctor yet cause i applied for medicad and they haven’t answered me back i am 20 weeks pregnant and in starting to get worried cause i havent felt my baby kick are move yet this is my second pregnancy i don’t know what i should do

Doctor: Hello,thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIf you have not been able to appreciate fetal movements even in 21st we ek of your pregnancy and this being your second pregnancy , it is suggested that you may get the level 2 ANOMALY SCAN done as soon as possible and to look for viability and heart beat of the fetus and growth parameters and any congenital anomalies.No movements at 21 weeks is not a good sign . Please visit your physician or ER as soon as possible for an ultrasound examination.wishing you safe pregnancy,regards