20 year old female 800m runner Running in top level

Patient: 20 year old female 800m runner. Running in top level NCAA events.During the season I had pain in the fibula just above the lateral malleolus for approx. 6-7 weeks. I had an X-ray and the Dr. was confident that is was a stress fracture but wanted to get MRI to confirm. After looking at the MRI, he said it was not a stress fracture and it was just scar tissue. When I asked questions, he was dismissive and not entirely helpful. So I am just looking for some clarification.If there was no stress fracture or any other damage to the bone how would the scar tissue get there in the first place?Thank you very much for your time.

Symptoms: Pain just above lateral malleolus

Doctor: Thank you for writing to usI assume that you have been running for at least 4 years. When you keep hitting the groun d and the in training, the exercises related to the knee cause small damages in the legs which you have begun to ignore. It is possible that this has caused the areas of swelling to heal themselves and form fibrous tissue which is the same as scar tissue. I recommend that you talk to a Sports Doctor and talk about treatment options.All the best and Happy Running.Hope this helps you