22 weeks pregnant with no professional prenatal care.

Patient: Hello, I just had a quick question about my pregnancy. As I lay on my back I pressed my index finger into my upper abdomen. About 4-5 inches above my navel, in the space between my rib cage. When I did this it made a “squish” sound. Almost as if I had pressed on a bag of water. I did it over and over again for about 60 seconds and it made the same noise each time I pressed. I am a bit concerned as to what this might be because I have consumed a very small amount of liquid today; hours ago.It really did sound just like splashing. Could this be my amniotic sac or something else?

Symptoms: Other than typical pregnancy symptoms (fatigue, insomnia, random headaches, mood swings, peanut butter cravings, etc.), I have had dull cramping in my lower left pelvis for two days. It comes and goes.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIf you are at 22 weeks , then your uterus should be felt around 2-3 fin gers above your navel clinically. If you experienced a watery sound on pressing , please rest assured that it was in no way your amniotic sac but a thinned out uterine wall . You must understand that the fetus is well protected inside the womb and a mere press or poke cannot rupture the sac or harm the baby.Secondly , there would have been a leakage of clear fluid through the cervical os per vaginum if at all it had occurred. The possibility that you heard such sound is probably that of gas or water levels in the small intestines which cover the uterus and are pushed up due to enlargement of uterus. They can sometime e easily felt through the skin and even possible to see peristalsis in few thin skinned women.So , rest assured. The pain you are experiencing in the lower abdomen is is due to ligament stretching owing to enlarging uterus and it is normal in pregnancy.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards