23 year old female had lower right back pain for about 1 year

Patient: 23 y.o. female had lower right back pain for about 1 year following a burning pain from bending over (I thought it was a hernia but never got it checked). The pain was alleviated when my spine ‘cracked’ or stretched out length wise. This pain was associated with increased constipation over a number of months as well as shooting pains down the right sciatic nerve all the way down to the foot. This pain has only been on the right side. My internal med doc thought it was a nerve signaling problem so I got a CT done by a spine specialist. The spine specialist only looked at my spine bones and said the CT did not indicate bone alignment problem (also I live in Korea and there is an issue of language barrier).Additionally, and I’m not sure if the two are associated, but lately I have been feeling pain in the right flank (upper) as well as in the liver area, having heart arrhythmias and pain and feeling tired (not the normal kind of tired from everyday stress, but like all I want to do is lay down and take a nap no matter how much sleep I got the day before).This brings me to three days ago when I was having terrible right side pain again and then it felt like something in my back ‘popped’ and then the feeling was like someone poured warm/hot liquid on my right side. Since that time, I have less and less pain in my back, my sciatic nerve, or my right side. So I’m wondering what you think it could be. I face a language barrier in Korea so it’s difficult to relay all of this information to a physician, otherwise I think I would already have an answer. Also, no pain is not necessarily a good thing and lastly I have a family history of Kidney issues (my father had to have his right kidney removed).

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for posting your query at ATD for an opinion.I understand your concern regarding regular popping u p of vertebral joints but you should refrain from doing it as it leads to osteoarthritis of the facet joints of vertebra.Secondly the pain is typical of sciatica and requires a MRI scan rather than a CT scan as the intervertebral disc is visualised on MRI scan.My recommendation for you is to get a MRI scan of the lumbo sacral region for a clear clinical picture as the clinical notes will not be of value due to language barrier?Feel free to discuss further.Regards