26 yr old male with low everything. What’s going on?

Patient: I’m a 26 year old male with a very low libido. I had some bloodwork done that returned normal T4 levels, but very low TSH (.14 L) and normal Free Testosterone with low Total testosterone (213 ng/dl). I’ve got an appointment in April, but I’m trying to learn more and see if I’m reading too much into my numbers. Any thoughts?

Symptoms: Low libido, fatigue, depression

Doctor: Hello,If your tosh levels are low but you t3 levels are normal, then its a normal result. However the concern is tota l testosterone levels in the body whiteness to be improved . There is a possibility of hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism which needs to be evaluated by your specialist with a hormonal profile with FSH & LH values and then can be interpreted accordingly.regards