2nd opinion please because just been prescribed prochlorperazine because i have vertigo

Patient: I am 14weeks pregnant and have just been prescribed prochlorperazine because i have vertigo. I went to see the doctor today as i had been very dizzy and vomiting and hadnt eaten for 2 days, he said i had vertigo because the week before he had referred me to the nurse to have my ear syringed as it had been blocked with wax for nearly 2 months, i get this alot. I just want to know if its safe for me too take these pills while pregnant as it says on the instructions inside not to take these if your pregnant and also says this on the nhs website???

Doctor: Prochlorperazine is a category C drug in pregnancy which means that is not competely safe for use in pregnancy unless th e benefits outweigh the risks. Vertigo resulting from syringing the ear is generally transient and self limiting. Your symptom could however be also because of pregnancy. You could request your doctor for safer alternative drugs if your symptoms are severe and persistent. You should also keep yourself well hydrated and watch out for signs of dehydration if you are vomiting a lot.