2yr old daughter weird blister like rash with white bumps

Patient: Ok my 2 yr old daughter has been having a weird breakout where it looks like white blisters with no fluid in them and they start out small and get slowly worse and after an hr they go away but then reappear in a different area on her body and we’ve bathed her and thats all we can afford to do but it started out on her arms just below her shoulders and a small spot on her mid back then went away then spread to a spot on her lower arm and to her front and back diaper area and her legs then went from there to the back of her neck and her inner thigh and then just below her eye on her cheek. I was wondering if you could tell me might cause such a weird reaction and what i should do about it




Symptoms: No actual symptoms besides the break out moving randomly and reappearing somewhere else on her

Doctor: Thank you for your question.This migrating rash that your daughter has been experiencing, could be due to an allerg ic reaction. In young children these type of rashes could be caused by detergents used in washing clothing, certain soaps that the child is bathed with, or even foods or formula that the child may still be feeding on.We recommend that you take your daughter to have this rash examined by a doctor to rule out any bacterial or fungal infections. If these are ruled out, you may need to switch to non-fragranced, hypoallergenic detergents, and bath soap in order to prevent future breakouts. Furthermore, if your 2 year old still drinks milk, or formula you may need to change these to alternative sources which will not produce an allergic reaction. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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