3 days after period had sex and two days later got on bc

Patient: Had unprotected sex three days after my period and got the depo shot two days after having the sex? Is there a chance I’m pregnant? When should I take a pregnancy test? I’m having brownish discharge as well but I hear that’s old blood. Please help me!

Doctor: The depot shot does not provide cover for unprotected intercourse before having taken the shot. Neither is it recommende d as a form of emergency contraception. Hence there are chances that you could have conceived before you took the depot shot.I would recommend that you take a pregnancy test atleast 3 weeks or later after the day of the intercourse. Alternatively, you could wait to see if you have missed your period and then test yourself.If you do test positive, you must know that there is a high chance of having an ectopic pregnancy ( baby in the tubes) while being on the depot. Ectopic pregnancies can lead to severe internal hemorrhage which is quite dangerous and hence I recommend that you see a doctor immediately if you test positive.If the baby is intrauterine, you will need to decide about the fate of the pregnancy. You must know that damage to the fetus is unlikely because of the depot shot. Research suggests that there is no significant difference in birth weight or birth defects in babies exposed to the depot as compared to the other babies.Hope you find this information useful in taking the right decisions.