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3 months pregnant and experiencing bleeding every month

Patient: I believe Im about 3 months pregnant, but have been experiencing bleeding every month. its not like a normal period though (5-6 days and heavy vs. 2 days, dark in color, and light in flow). i am also unable to get a positive home pregnancy test ( but have had a history of getting a negative test even while pregnant). the bleeding and negative tests have kept me from going to the doctor or even telling anyone about it. all of the classic symptoms of pregnancy I have had (most have begun to subside like nausea, headaches, sore breasts etc. The only symptoms I still have are soreness in the breast at times, back aches, hip aches, head aches, linea nigra and nausea when exposed to certain smells.) I also noticed that my lower abdomen is starting to become firm, and what once was a tight ball the size of a small grapefruit is now not as easily palpable, but the rest of my stomach is getting firmer. could I be pregnant?


Doctor: I understand your concern about possible pregnancy and bleeding. It is possible to have Bleedings during Pregnancy, espe cially in the first Trimester but you should not confuse them with regular periods.Changes in the hormones could produce light bleeding that most women sometimes confuse with menstrual periods. However one should be careful with any sign of bleeding while pregnant due to possible miscarriage or abnormal pregnancy implantation.In your case, I will suggest you to first confirm Pregnancy with a Blood pregnancy test and possible Ultrasound to rule out any of the conditions mentioned before. It is very important to have prenatal controls especially in the first trimester especially when abnormal bleeding occurs. I wish you the best.


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