30 days late on period

Patient: Hello i am 30 days late on my period. I was supposed to get my period on Dec 13, 2014. I only spotted and got mild cramps two days before. The spotting lasted a day. Then nothing. Today marks 30 days. This morning I got mild cramps and spotted again but that’s it. It stopped again. According to my cycle I should have started my period two days ago. I have taken two pregnancy test one when was I was 6 days late. Another when I was 28 days late. Both came out negative. I have called and scheduled a Doctors appointment but they scheduled me until next month FEB 12,2015. I do not take any type of birth control or use any protection with my husband. We have always just hoping one day I will get pregnant. We have had unprotected Sex for the past 7 years. My last pap smear came out normal last year. I am very concern I would appreciate any feed back.

Symptoms: Missed period negative results in Pregnancy test

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Delayed periods or scanty flow during periods can occur due to many causes like lifestyle modifications or polycystic ovary disease etc causing gonadal hormonal imbalance, thyroid hormonal abnormalities, prolactin level changes etc.Better to go for a blood test for pregnancy once to rule out pregnancy as it can give more accurate result than the urine test.If the test gives a negative result, better to get evaluated to find out the possible cause for your irregular periods.Physical examination and investigations like ultrasound, gonadal hormonal profile, thyroid profile, prolactin levels estimation etc can help in finding out the cause for your irregular periods and infertility.After that you track your ovulation and plan intercourse around that period, which will increase the possibility of pregnancy.Take care.