32 weeks Pregnant – AC 29 weeks and 5 days

Patient: Dear Doctor,I am 32 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I saw my doctor during my regular visit to hospital for checkup, she said to me it seems that the baby is weak and then she advised me for an Ultra Sound Growth Scan in which the Radiology doctor gave her comments as follows:”Single alive intrauterine fetus, according to ultrasound corresponding to 31 weeks and 2 days of gestation and according to LMP 32 weeks 3 days.Fetal AC is small for Dates”The measurements were as follows:BPD 8.1 cm (Gestational Age 32 weeks 2 days)FL 6.1 cm (Gestational Age 31 weeks 2 days)HC 30.1 cm (Gestational Age 32 weeks )AC 25.7 cm (Gestational Age 29 weeks 5 days)Estimated Fetal Weight is 1689 grams.Normal Intracranial fetal structure, both kidneys and four chamber heart.I have to see my doctor again in one week, but I am worried if there is some serious symptom as you may see clearly about the Abdominal Circumference which is 29 weeks and 5 days.If you could suggest to concerned about it or is it normal? If it is not, then I would be very thankful to you if you could suggest me how to overcome to this problem.Regards.




Symptoms: 32 weeks Pregnant – AC 29 weeks and 5 days , is there any need to concern about it? or is it normal?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,Firstly you have to understand that there is no problem at all as the ultrasonologica l age is 31 weeks + 2 days which is corresponding to the period of gestation. AC value in isolation is not of much value if over all growth is fine so you needn’t be concerned. Your baby is just fine and don’t need any kind of intervention at all. There are sometimes radiological biases and hence an average of all parameters are taken in consideration and not just one as AC, BPD, FL Individually.This is a normal scan.Regards


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