32 weeks pregnant recovering addict

Patient: I’m 32 weeks pregnant recovering addict relaosed few times in vicodin n heroin used very few times n very little if the substances last time was vicidin at 32 weeks my question is will these things be found in baby’s system after birth??

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comVicodin is a category C drug and not recommended in pregnancy unless benefits outweighs the risks. It is known to cross the placenta and affect the baby through circulation. It may risk the growing fetus in many a ways like – it changes the fetal brain wave pattern , decrease its heart rate,increased sleepiness episodes of fetus,and even growth retardation.It should only be used under prescription and under strict monitoring for fetal and maternal well being by the physician. If you are using it at 32 weeks , still it is possible that traces would be found in the fetus at birth.Also it is advised that vicodin should not be used near delivery as it may cause opioid withdrawal in the infant causing infant seizures . It is known to secrete in breast milk and may cause infant liver failure and jaundice , constipation and infantile colic. The idea of apprising and educating you is not to scare you but to keep you well informed of the possible side effects.However , if the medication is required for the mother as in your case as a rehab programme, then its levels have to be strictly monitored and controlled in the blood under a physician’s supervision and under no circumstances self medication should be resorted to.I hope i have answered you queries in detail.Wishing you a healthy pregnancy,regards