34 weeks pregnancy and have high blood pressure

Patient: My wife is 34 weeks pregnant and has high blood pressure. What is the best way to cure this?

Symptoms: High blood pressure

Doctor: Hello,thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comThis is called gestational hypertension and will depend on the severi ty and proteinuria if its pre-eclamsia or just gestational hypertension.This would get treated with the delivery of the child. however it is important to monitor the patient on a weekly basis for blood pressure and proteinuria with an aim to prevent pre-eclamsia or eclampsia. She has to be monitored at the hospital from the 36th weeks if she develops generalised swelling of feet and face and proteinurina and some cases pregnancy have to be delivered early by 37th or 28th week. In such cases [regnancy should not be continued till t40 weeks as chances of maternal and fetal morbidity are high.So , meet your physician and discuss the management in complete for the next few weeks and treatment protocol hereafter. Anti hypertensives are used but for control and not treatment. the trestment is delivery.I hope i have answered your query,regards