35 days late pregnancy tests negative sore tender breasts

Patient: 35 days late pregnancy tests negative sore tender breasts ,backpain ,nose is stuffy at night also had some dizzy spells. Messed around no penetration but his penis was in that area 2 weeks ago

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Irregularities in menstrual cycles can occur due to many ca uses like lifestyle modifications, gonadal hormonal imbalance in late 40’s,thyroid hormonal imbalance, prolactin level changes etc.Breast tenderness, backache etc symptoms can be seen in premenstrual phase also.As all your pregnancy tests gave negative results, the possibility of pregnancy is less.Better to go for blood test for pregnancy or ultrasound, which can give more accurate results compared with urine test.If these investigations eliminate the possibility of pregnancy, you can wait one more week and possibly you may get periods by that time as you are having premenstrual symptoms.If you do not get periods even after one week, please do consult your doctor, get examined and go for investigations like ultrasound, gonadal hormonal profile, thyroid hormonal profile, prolactin levels, hemoglobin and blood sugar levels estimation etc.With this workup the possible cause of your problem can be identified and treated.Take care