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Patient: 35 year old male, weight 150 lbs height 5’9.July 28th of 2016 i returned back from Indonesia I was there for one month, the last day I left Indonesia I got very ill I ate something in the airport and I had a very bad diarrhea felt awful in the airplane I assume it was food poisoning. I got better within 7 to 10 days of returning back to the USA and gain all my lost weight.Around November I started losing a lot of weight no matter how much I eat I continue to lose weight,I’m eating up to 3500 calories a day and having anywhere between 150 grams to 220 grams of protein a day yet I continue to lose weight I went from 160 plus to 150. I started doing some research and I came to find out that I might have a tape worm? I have photos of my stool with what i think may be a tapeworm,please give me your opinion I’m very concerned,i have no other side effects besides to weight loss. Even my rings have got smaller on me I haven’t been this low in weight in years. and I never eaten this much ever, yet the weight loss continuesm

Doctor: Hello,I understand your concern here. There is all possibility that you may have been infected with helminths. If you have seen tape worms in stools then please send a picture of the stools for confirmation. Also mention, if you have any perianal itching at night? or If you happen to clatter your teeth at night while sleeping ( someone may have noticed? . These are signs of helminthiasis.Please attach the picture in the follow up.Wishing you good health,Regards

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Patient: Thank your very much! No itching and no teeth clattering.
Here is some photos

Doctor: Hello,
These are worms indeed and you need to take a course of antihelminthics.

Patient: Thank you doctor! Iam afraid they may not show up on my stool sample analysis , as i have heard the worm segments are not in every stool. Also the medications are very expensive and not covered by insurance. Praziquantel 600mg ( biltricide) is about $600 for 5 pills and Albendazole 400mg for 2 tablets is $350-$400.
A family members owns a pharmacy in Australia and will send them to me because they are far cheaper there. I will have praziquantel 600mg, Albendazole 400mg as well as Niclosamide 400mg, can you give me suggestions what medication is taken for similar problem as mine and at what dosage? My dr did not want to see the stool photo, and if my stool samples comes up negative he will tell me to just eat more. So far i have lost another pound or so..

Doctor: If you wish , we can arrange for you to be sent to you from INDIA at a cheaper price directly to you. It would be cheap. You should be taking albendazole + ivermectin combination x 2 doses. Please you may share your views.

Patient: How much and how, how long would it take to get here?

Doctor: it can be half the price. you may contact through [email protected]

Patient: Email sent. Please respond when you have a moment

Doctor: thanks and please take care.

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