37 days late and 2 negative pregnacy test

Patient: Liz Santamaria CintronHello there it’s Liz again I’m 37 days late on my period. I had got my period on 1/6/14 And I would like to say I’m regular because for the past two years I’ve Had a period every month. I’ve had unprotected sex 1/10/14, 1/12/14, 1/24/14 On 1/25/14. Supposedly I ovulated on 1/20/14. I had miss my period for Feb. Two days after the day I was suppose to get it I had brownish discharge that only lasted a day. I still continued to have unprotected sex ( 2/1/14, 2/7/14 , 2/14/14 ,2/15/14 , 2/21/14, 2/22/14). I took a pregnancy home test 2/18/14 and 3/1/14 and both came out negative .Still no period & now March No period and still have unprotected sex. I have backpains, stomach cramps that are less than mild. I have been peeing a lot but I thinks it cuz I’ve been drinking so much water lately. I feel like I’m always thirsty. My breast in mine and everyone else’s opinion have gotten bigger but arnt sore but at times I feel them tingly and I can really see all of the vains on them which I didn’t think I was white enough for them to be so notice like they are now. I have been nauseous but I haven’t thrown up. I felt like I was dizzy once cu I stood up too fast and I have been getting bigger cuz of the constant hunger I’ve been feeling. I’ve been some what emotional. I’m having constipation, bloating and dhiiarria Could I still be pregnant even with the negative test

Symptoms: Backache, less then mild stomach cramps, frequent urination , tingly breast , constipation, bloating , dhiiarria , brownish discharge (2/5/14) , really tired , veins on breast are really visable and vagina feels like it’s tighter or swollen after sex