37 weeks and 4 days pregnet with tight stomach all day with little pain

Patient: 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant with tight stomach all day with little pain and needed to use the restroom more often then befor what dose this mean?

Symptoms: tight stomach , small cramping pain but not much , more gas then normal, useing restroom more offten

Doctor: Hi Dear, Further to going through your query I would like to suggest that you see the doctor who will do an ultrasound s can to see if everything is alright with the baby (fetus) and there is adequate liquor around in the gestational sac, she will also do an internal examination to see if there is no loss of amniotic fluid. After confirming that she will give you medication (isoxsuprine – vasodilator) to relax your uterus then you should feel alright. As the pregnancy progresses because of the increase in size of uterus it puts pressure on the bladder because of which you may be frequently visiting the rest room.Hope that answers your query.Have a good day.