37 weeks with breeched twins having contractions

Patient: I am 37weeks pregnant with breeched twin boys and I am 2cm dilated and 100%effaced with contractions every 20 minutes, when am I ready to go for my C-section?

Symptoms: Lost mucus plug two days ago, contractions every 20 minutes, intense pelvic pain and pressure, lower back pain

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthe doctor.comIf you are at 37 weeks already with breech twins and you have alread y lost mucus plug and contractions and pain have set in , then there is no point wasting any more time at home. you must report immediately to the ER and meet your physician.You have to be operated in emergency for cesarean section as indication being twin breech in prelabour.If the twins are in breech , then there in no option of giving a vaginal delivery as chances of birth injury and obstructed labour are high.So , you may visit ER at the earliest and be mentally prepared for the surgery soon. Keep a watch on the fetal movements in the meantime.i hope i have answered your query in detail ,wishing you safe pregnancy,regards