4 days ago my dad was eating something really cold,

Patient: 4 days ago my dad was eating something really cold, that triggered his whole rights side of his face to basically droop. He can’t feel anything on the right side of his face, his eyes are droopy, he can’t chew on that side and when he eats he drools. He’s 63 years old and has Trigeminal Neuralgia on the other side of his face which he’s taking medication for. When he close his eyes, his right eye doesn’t completely close. It’s like basically his whole right side of his face is dead. He’s able to lift his arms up and have movement else where but his face. Right now he visited a doctor who is giving him steroid shots, and stated this all just caused by stress. I wanted to hear from someone else just in case this could’ve been a stroke or something more? Please help!

Symptoms: Droopy face,
No movement on the entire right side of the race,
can’t shut eyes

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.He seems to have developed Bell’s Palsy, that is paralysis of 7th cranial nerve. An examination is required to rule out any evidence of paralysis.The 7th nerve palsy is of two types:1. Bell’s Palsy2. Associated with stroke.A clinical examination is required to differentiate between the two.If your doctor has given him steroids, then this is probably Bell’s palsy and this is usually completely recoverable.I hope it helps.Share my opinion with your doctor.Stay Healthy