4 mo post cesarean – major issues – cysts and pain –

Patient: Hi,I’m 4 months post delivery, breast feeding, and I had a dermoid cyst 5 cm, removed during my cesarian delivery. I have had a lot of pain during the healing process, and my doctor ignores me. They used dissolvable staples which haven’t really dissolved well, I can feel them inside. I have tearing, burning, stabbing pains on my right side and it’s sensitive to the touch. My cyst was on my left side, and after begging for an appt, I saw the nurse practitioner and she told me after a ultrasound that I have a new dermoid cyst growing 1 cm on the left ovary again. My right side is more painful, and I am not sure what to do, my dr just kinda blows me off. I hope they didn’t leave a sponge or anything inside. What do you suggest, thing it should do. Should I be very concerned about the recurring dermoid cyst? Can you see things left inside from a vaginal ultrasound or should I request an xray?Thanks,Leslie

Symptoms: On/off stabbing, burning , tearing pains from 4-9 on pain scale, constantly nauseated, breast feeding, has been like this for 4 months, getting worse over the past month, sensitive to touch,

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.The possible causes of your pain are post operative infection or adhesions or delayed absorption of sutures, recurrence of dermoid etc.Usually, simple ovarian cysts can resolve by themselves but dermoid needs treatment.As your ultrasound is not able to clearly make out the possible cause, better to go for superior investigation like MRI abdomen and pelvis, which can help in finding out the possible cause of your pain on right side and also the details of dermoid cyst.Then according to the findings you can plan further the management. Meanwhile, you can take antispasmodic drugs to control the pain with your doctor’s advice.Take care.