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43 year female 25 year smoker on advair vitamin d

Patient: 43 year female. 25 year smoker. on advair vitamin d iron and zyrtec. just finished clindamycin and prednisone for sinus infection. currently do not have one. also on prilosec 2 times a day for heartburn. wuestion is usually get thrush once in awhile. but using nystatin and feels like bumps in back of tongue are like swollen and geels like trouble swallowing right behind tongue and upper throat. went to doctor yesterday she said its thrush but never had these symptoms with thrush before and have this awful sour pus metal taste like when spit up mucus or touch back of tongue. any ideas if could be something else and would salt water help. have red patches roof of mouth .



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Doctor: HelloThank you for posting your question.Could possible Fungal infection thrush with erythematous patches on orop harynx. Also due to steroid usage for long if used can accentuate in addition to lower immunity states.You can start Tab Flucon150mg OD for 5days and needs detailed evaluation by check for Viral screening along with CXR and ENT/Pulmonologist consults.Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.Regards,

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Patient: why would I need chest xray?

Doctor: Thank you for your follow up.
Any postnasal or sinus issues trickling down lung infection also can be picked up in fact with CXR and XRay PNS.
That is the reason asked in tandem to show to ENT along with pulmonologist.

Patient: Had chest xray two months ago was normal. Spirometry was normal too. Spitting up dark brown and yellow mucus. Mostly in morning. Didnt know if cause for concern. Doctor said lungs sound clear. Have seasonal allergies right now and a little stuffiness and crackly ears.

Patient: have hardly no cough. just feels like from throat and mucus stuck in throat feeling

Doctor: Possible Dyspepsia. You can start on Pan Top 40 OD before Breakfast and review with a Gastroenterologist.


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