44 year old women diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus which i

Patient: 44 year old women diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus which is being managed on protonix. Over last few months have been experiencing chronic constipation. Have anal swelling but no pain, bleeding or itching. Lots of pressure. Stomach cramps and bloating. Did a bowel cleanse as per my doctor last week which cleared out but now back to constipation. Eat healthy with lots of fruit and veg. Only drink water and lots of it.

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your history about a woman suffering from Barrett’s and under Protonix, bowel cleansing done for constipation and swelling over anus without bleeding, itching or pain, stomach cramps, bloating, and chronic constipation.I would advise in such a situation the following:– Since Barrett’s esophagus is diagnosed, means upper GI Endoscopy examination must have been done.- I would do a colonoscopy to determine the cause. Rectal manometry will give further ideas. This will also help me to see the real problemsCT scan of the abdomen.Routine tests of blood, urine and stool.For the management:I would continue on the same good diet you are taking,Add on the Laxatives with trial with different ones and to continue whichever suits you the most.Sitz bath.I hope this should help you and, additional treatment to be done as per the findings.