4w 4d pregnant…is this gas or normal pregnancy pains

Patient: I’m approx 5wks pregnant. Off and on today I’ve had mild sharp pain on left side under pelvis. Is this normal?

Symptoms: Gas and running bowels

Doctor: Pain on the left side of your tummy may related to problems in pregnancy or infection of the gut commonly or more rarely , the bladder. Running bowel may be a sign of infection. However, in all these cases the pain should not be very sharp in nature. Please rush to your ObGYn for a discussion and physicals, if required. Pregnancy, is , however, known to generate some amount of abdominal cramps that are very mild and short lasting in nature; this occurs more frequently towards the mid-line and not to the left. Your doctor may order an ultrasound to diagnose your problem and may prescribe medicines to ease your discomfort.