5 days ago my boyfriend was master-bating

Patient: 5 days ago my boyfriend was master-bating and he had cum. He used a shirt (different from the one he was wearing) to catch the ejaculation but he had hand to genital contact. He remembers using the opposite hand while fingering me a few minutes later and whipping his hands off on the shirt he was wearing. There was no clump of semen on his hand. I’m a very active person and have serious anxiety so my period does fluctuate very much but I’m concerned now because my vaginal area (vulva I believe it’s called) is itching , there is no burning sensation. I’m so worried about the area my boyfriend was touching. I have no source for a pregnancy test and I’m not on birth control nor do I plan to start now since I’m not sexually active. PS I am not suffering any signs of pregnancy such as nausea, dizziness ecf