5 days late and negative pregnancy results

Patient: Im 5-6 days late for my monthly cycle and we are TTC. I’ve taken 4 tests all with a negative. What should I do now? Reach out to my dr for a test?

Symptoms: Late menstrual cycle

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Glad to know that you have been trying to conceive and not yet got the cycles.There is a delay in cycles no doubt, but you can wait for 2 more days. In case you get the cycles, try again in the next cycle, in case you don’t get them even after 2 days, repeat the test, if negative, you may see your doctor and get a beta hCG blood test done which would be more specific. Generally in a person whose cycles are regular, we wait for a week for the next cycle to come, if it stretched beyond that, then we investigate and rule out pregnancy. In case of test being negative, the doctor will help you plan conception for the next cycle accordingly.Keep trying and be patientWish you all the luck for a sooner conception.Regards