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5 months back I went to a massage parlour, the

Patient: 5 months back I went to a massage parlour, the lady massaged my body and she did a hand job on me with out a condom. After that I started experiencing problem during urination and took a urine test which was negative. I started having a reddish opening in the uretheisis and and pain during mastrubation and feel my sperm count is going down rapidly and don’t feel like having sex. After mastrubation also I feel some pain in my abdominal area. Recently I went to a sex worker in a licensed brothel…..seeing my condition( redness on opening uretheisis ) she said she can’t perform any vignal or anal sex. The only thing she could do was oral sex and she performed oral sex with a condom on me. After 7 days I have a reddish swollen part behind my neck and another small swollen pimple on my neck and red rashes on my hands…I never had any vaginal or anal sex… it any sign of hiv???? Or do I have any other sti’s?????? Please help me….I am very tensed



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The atypical presentation of a urethral redness after a hand j ob is most likely to be BALANITIS or simply infection of the glans and often seen after rigorous handjob which can be often itchy and painful, as you had been experiencing during masturbation post your initial encounter. Balanitis can be treated with medications both orally and local application with antibiotics. If the tip of your penis is swollen, it can put pressure on your urethra. This can cause pain when urinating. The diagnosis is often made after a swab test or a biopsy to confirm the infection and to isolate the causative organism.The best way to reduce your chances of developing complications from balanitis is to seek treatment right away. Possible complications of balanitis include:1. scarring in the penis opening2. painful foreskin retraction3. inadequate blood supply to the penis4. allergic dermatitis (allergic skin reaction)Allergic dermatitis symptoms such as extreme itching, rash, hives, and inflamed skin can lead to scarring. This is probably what you are developing with a red pimples on your neck and rash over your hand. Scar tissue in the penis opening can cause the opening to narrow. This can lead to lasting discomfort and difficulty urinating.So it is suggested that you should visit your physician soon for a local examination, tests and then follow it up with treatment with antibiotics sooner than later. This is not HIV or a STI, so you may relax. But early treatment is warranted to reduce complications.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards



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Patient: Hi doctor….can I still contact hiv after protected oral sex from a licensed brothel ???? Is oral sex with condom safe???? She just performed a blow job on me with condom…other than that nothing happened….but I feel I contracted hiv from her this happened 9 days back….I have few red rashes on my body, a small bean like swollen part behind my neck and my skin feels ichi all the time on my body and I feel one side of the ear is swollen and I am experiencing sore throat….could you please help me….is this a sign of hiv???? I am tensed could you please help me???

Doctor: Hello,
As you had been protected a direct transmission for HIV was not possible and these symptoms are not those of HIV as it takes around 12 weeks for the viral load to increase and also HIV itself doesn’t have any classical signs instead its manifestations are due to immunodeficiency and opportunistic infections.

Patient: Thank you doctor.Due to this incident I feel mentally depressed and very low and if their is a minor problem in my body I start to feel it’s a hiv symptom and become even more depressed. From the day that incident happened I don’t feel interested in life. Doctor could you please suggest some remedies???and suggest me how to move on from this incident and not think of that incident

Doctor: Well you need to channelize your energies on to various other activities like sports, hobbies, things which interest you and mostly meet people who shared similar experiences , this shall help you gain more confidence and tie away the depressive mode you are entering with accompanied anxiety and fear.
At the bottom of your heart you need to believe that there is nothing wrong with you and you are fine.

Patient: Thank you doctor for your advice.

Doctor: Thank you for choosing the service.

Patient: Hello doctor….the opening of my urethral is very reddish….I am feeling comfortable at the moment but still panicking about it and I had only unprotected hand job….generally they say hand jobs are std free….do I need to consult the doctor for std testing???? I feel the redness of the penis was from way before the hand job incident but I am not exactly sure….what do you want me to do doctor????

Patient: Do you think their are any chances of Hiv from unprotected hand job??? From past 5 months I feel comfortable and healthy…..can I be conclusive that this is not hiv????

Doctor: The mucousa of the urethra is naturally reddish pink if you see it and not a sign of any disease per se. You were protected during hand job and hence transmission risk is minimal. So rest assured that there has been no transmission at all.

Patient: I was not protected….she performed hand job without condom on me…..but I am very tensed….can opening of penis is red can be a sign of hiv??? I didn’t have any fever or any symptoms…from past 5 months….but my penis Is not raising and have problems when having sex and mastrubation….

Patient: Doctor can unprotected hand job cause any std????

Patient: Sorry for asking many questions…..but I’m tensed a lot…..

Patient: Can condom lotions under the skin stay for a long duration like 3-4 months….cause any infections????? Like what I’m experiencing at the moment

Doctor: It is difficult to just base my answers of speculations here but i suggest that you should get yourself examined by a physician in person and i am sure your anxiety shall be relieved. Local examination is an important part of diagnosis.

Patient: Doctor can unprotected hand jobs cause hiv ??? Or std???

Patient: Hello doctor can unprotected hand job cause hiv or std???

Doctor: No it should not if there are no cut skins on either of the partners involved.

Patient: I had a cut on my penis…but I checked the ladies hand…she didn’t have any cut…she massaged me first and gave a hand job…never had any symptoms from past 5 months….still chances of hiv???

Doctor: Thanks for the query. but we are not to answer more than 3 follow ups from the patient ….and hence you may ask a fresh query.


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