A full moon, blue moon and daylight savings time this Saturday along with the unprecedented events of this year, Halloween celebrations will truly be one to remember.

Our team here at Ask The Doctor recommends you follow public health advice and measures from public health experts to make good decisions based on your own situation during this Halloween.

To ensure a safe trick-or-treating experience for everyone, our team of Doctors recommends the following tips:

  1. Use a Surgical or Fabric Mask: Halloween costume masks don’t work to prevent viral transmission. Make sure your child is using a properly fitted surgical or fabric mask. Make sure to not decorate masks using markers as some contain solvents that could be inhaled by the child.

  2. One family unit only: Children should only trick-or-treat with one parent and their siblings to keep it within the household.

  3. Plan Trick-or-Treating with visiting a maximum of 10 households on your street: Avoid gathering at doors and instead figure out with your immediate neighbours, a creative way of distributing the candy. Examples include passing the candy with a tong or leaving packaged candy on a tray for the children to grab. Remember it should only be one child at a time getting candy.

  4. Use hand sanitizer: We recommend children use hand sanitizer after each home visited as children are very likely to touch their faces when adjusting their costumes.

  5. Wash hand thoroughly: Once your children arrive home, make sure they wash their hands before opening up any candy.

Always remember to check with your local public health team for any additional restrictions that may have been put in place. Following the above 5 tips can help keep all of us safe this Halloween.