53 years old and getting constant nose bleeds

Patient: I am 53 yrs. old for about 2 weeks now i have been getting nose bleeds. i can be doing nothing and my nose will just start bleeding.

Symptoms: just starts bleeding for no reason

Doctor: Foremost, you should visit an ENT specialist to rule out any local (intra-nasal) pathology. Simple dryness of the nose o r abrasions due to repeated nose picking, may give rise to episodes of epistaxis (nose bleeding). Nevertheless, you should also get yourself assessed for any underlying bleeding disorder. Such disorders may be primary disorders or secondary to some other systemic disorders like hepatic dysfunction, ITP (platelet disorder), Hypertension, Vit. K deficiency, etc. Further management would be based on the identified cause. In the mean while, you are advised to manage such episodes by pinching your nose tight for at least 2 mins. every time your nose bleeds. All the best!