6 days ago, I fainted whilst in a lukewarm shower

Patient: 6 days ago, I fainted whilst in a lukewarm shower. I was immediately sick afterwards but I had a nose bleed from both nostrils, a black eye and a considerably large sized lump on the side of my head behind my ear. Although the lump has gone down in size, it’s still really sore to touch and its gives me headaches and I get dizzy spells. Should I go to see a doctor or is it just healing?

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor.It seems that you have developed any traumatic injury over the head that might be u nnoticed.This may be causing the symptoms described by you.After the concussion episode, since you developed transient loss of consciousness, bleeding from ear, nose, throat, then you would require CT head.You might have Sub-dural hematoma that might be causing these symptoms.If there is any peri lesional edema seen on CT/MRI due to concussion, you would require syrup Glycerol to reduce the intracranial pressure due to edema which might be causing headache.So, you need to go to ER as there is clear cut indication of getting a CT Scan done.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.