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6 weeks with slow to rise hcg

Patient: I have slow to rise hcg levels. Is this a viable pregnancy? Hcg on 12/5 was 7483 and on 12/10 14825. My progesterone on 12/5 14.4 and 12/10 18.7.


Symptoms: None.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Human chorionicgonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that is produced by the placenta during the early stages of pregnancy right after implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus. It functions to maintain progesterone levels secreted by the ovaries during pregnancy. Progesterone functions to maintain the uterus and placenta allowing the implanted egg to grow.If you are six weeks pregnant, that is six weeks since your last menstrual period,then your HCG levels are within normal limits. At the six week mark, HCG levels can range anywhere from approximately 1100 to 57000 mIU/mL.Thank you for consulting


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