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64 Year old male with type 2 diabetes that is under control.

Patient: 64 Year old male with type 2 diabetes that is under control as A1C have been less than 7 for past year. Was also diagnosed with high blood pressure , taking medication with results averaging 127/72.Has had headaches for past 3 weeks but today headache was quite severe all night and day, now have a fever 102.2.



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and information.To recapitulate: Male/64 – T2 DM – Ac less than 7 for past year – HT averag e 127/72 with medication – *headache 3 weeks – severe today all night and day – *fever 102.2 – Noted medications and kidney stone surgery .Your additional information would help me please:- At which part is the headache? Pointed to a specific part or generalized?- Any runny nose, blockage or sneezing?- Any nausea or vomiting?- Any other symptoms, related or unrelated?3 weeks of headache which has worsened today and got fever too indicate this may be related to sinusitis or a general cause.I would suggest you to get the blood and urine tested as this may indicate towards a cause.Get started with a proper antibiotic, oral and topical nasal decongestant and an anti-inflammatory medicines with painkiller property.If there is no relief you may need further clinical evaluation and investigations like CT scan of the sinuses and head.Fresh blood glucose levels to see the recent control.I hope this answer helps you to get an early diagnosis and proper treatment.



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Patient: have had some major sinus issues in the past few yeas. Headache mostly on right side od head.. Flushed nasal caavities and found some bloof droplets. No nausea but some blockage in the nose

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
The feedback is as expected.
I think you need to visit your Doctor, get a reference for the ENT Specialist, get the investigations done.
Go for curative treatment to avoid recurrence.


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