70 year old with Exercise Induced Asthma

Patient: My grandma has been diagnosed with asthma for about 9 years. She used to work very hard, a lot of farm work, and shetells me that might be the original cause for her symtons.About 8 years ago, my grandma was hospitalized twice, but she had never been given effective medication andrecommendations for long-term treatment plan.A while later, with friends’ recommendation, she started using some kind of medication whose exact medical name andcompositions are unkown, and this medication is said to be banned by local authrorities. It was an effective medicationaccording to her, and it would guarantee two day free of the symptons. However, last year this medication got banned totally and was off the market ever after. So my grandpa then started using yet another kind of medication and whose exact name and composition also unkown. While this new kind of medication has been doing adequately in preventing athsma attack, it’s said to be less potent and effective that the original one.To this day, my grandma has to take this new medication everyday, otherwise she’s likely to have an asthma attack during the night. I’m particulary worried because I still don’t know what exactly is the medication that she’s having. Obviously I couldn’t find any manufacturing information on the label other than the compostion description (mostly herbs), which, I don’t believe it’s true. Do you have any idea on that?I would also like to know how to better manage asthma and in my grandpa’s case, it got worse when she does heavy excercise and gets a cold? And is there any effective alternative treatments, e.g.,dietary therapies?Thanks.