8 month old Baby with Anemia

Patient: Hi recently my 8 month old baby need to undergo with some blood tests due to dirrehoea and one of his report shows he have hemoglobin 8.7 g/dl and in peripheral blood film comment they commented RBC shows anisopoikilocytosis with presence of microcytic hypochromic red cell few tear drops target and pencil cell. WBC mostly mature with increased lymphocytic count and precence of few reactive lymphocyte. Platelate -adequateComment : microcytic hypochemic with lymphocytosis anemia.other data is given below for your convenience:Hemoglobin 8.7 g/dl (range M:13-18 F11.5-16.5)ESR 0total WBC count 8100 (4000-11000)DIFFERENTIAL COUNTNeutrophils 22% (40-75)lymphocytis 67% (20-45)monocytes 10% (2-10)eosinophils 01% (1-6)Basophil 00 (0-1)OthersRBC COUNT 4.57 m/ul (male 4.5-6.5%, female 3.8-5.8% )HCT/PCV 26.4 (male 40-54%, female 37-47% )MCV 57.8 f/L (76-94 f/L)MCH 19 pg (27-32 )MCHC 33 g/dl ( 29-34 g/dl)RDW 17.7 % (range 10-16%)TOTAL CIR ESONOPHIL COUNT 100/cumm (range : 40-400/cumm)total platelate count ; 163000/cumm (range : 1,50,000-4,50,000)my baby weight is now 8 kg he has been breastfeed from his birth after 6 month he started taken solids. Urine normal quite freequent. Stool color dark brown bit constipated. Recently ,since his diarrhea his is suffering slightly broken corner of lips. apatite, movement, sleep normal.Me or my husbands don’t have any history severe anemia for long time. I have done Hemoglobin electrophoresis the result was normal and hemoglobins were good.Please advice me what should i do now ?

Symptoms: Yellowish skin tone, palm & toe are pale, broken lip corner