8 weeks pregnant and allergy problem

Patient: Hello doctor…I am 8 weeks pregnant and I have allergy problem…my doc has suggested me to take cetzine a daily 1…is it ok to take that tablet during pregnancy? I cant manage without tablet so please let me know if its harmful….

Doctor: You have not mentioned about the type of your allergy (skin or respiratory?). In most cases of respiratory allergies, on e can manage with local (nasal or bronchial) sprays/ inhalers, without having to take oral medication (especially during pregnancy). However, in case of skin allergies (like hives or angioedema) safer anti-allergic medication can be prescribed, if required to be taken on regular basis for a long period of time. There are no human studies conducted to ascertain the long term safety profile of ‘Cetrizine’ during pregnancy. Hence, it should be taken with discretion and under medical supervision.