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A big rash on my face (painful!!)

Patient: Hii have a big rash on facemy question is what is that and how can i treat this because it looks awful and its painful. here is a picture from it:



Symptoms: it appears several days ago , it doesnt look like an acne it’s looks like that it’s under skin.
i have to say that there wasn’t any impact or etc
the only thing that i remember to tell you that maybe it appears because i was trying to eject an acne



A big rash on my face (pain...-1

Doctor: You have complained of rash on face. Sorry, you mentioned that a picture was attached, but i did not find it attached. F ace rash could be due to many reasons other acne, like fungal rash, bacterial infections, allergic rashes, moles, etc. To be diagnosed perfectly you must be examined in person and might require a skin biopsy too. Consult a dermatologist for treatment and followup.

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Patient: ok thanks doctor . i have visited a doctor and she said this is a mosquito bite .
she injected a Dexamethasone .
the image is attached if you ca not see it this is the link


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