A brown discharge after sex and after I had my period

Patient: I had my period about 2 weeks ago and before I got my period me and my boyfriend had sex and when he tried to pull out more then half of his penis slipped back in as his ejaculation was still coming out so after that before my period came I was very nauseous and sleepy all the time my boobs were extremely sore but I still got my period. After I got my period about 7 days later I had a brown sticky discharge after we had sex whats wrong with me am I pregnant????

Symptoms: Brown sticky discharge

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.As you had regular periods after intercourse there is less po ssibility of pregnancy.The symptoms you had could be premenstrual symptoms.Possible causes of postcoital spotting after seven days of periods are collected blood in uterus, hormonal imbalance leading to prolonged menstrual flow, abrasions due to intercourse, cervical erosion etc.Urine pregnancy test kit can rule out pregnancy.If spotting persists or recurs, consult your doctor once and get evaluated.Take care.