A few days ago, I noticed a small bump on

Patient: A few days ago, I noticed a small bump on my penis when I pulled my foreskin back. It was located below the head. At the time, it was almost painless. Throughout next day however, the bump became bigger and more painful as it filled with pus. There was a bit of swelling confined to that particular area too. Other than that, everything else was normal, so to speak. I kept the area clean, as always, and didn’t didn’t touch the pus filled bump. Once it grew a little more, it burst and I promptly drained the pus, washed the area, disinfected it, and applied some antibiotic cream. I did this again a couple times the next day, and have noticed some of the swelling gradually decreasing and the wound starting to heal a tiny bit. I don’t what caused this, but am I going about treating it the right way? The sore that I drained now looks like a small crater, but I think it looks like it’s starting to heal. Ideally it looks like the wound should heal over the week if carefully managed, but I’ve also noticed over the past couple days that my penis is much softer than usual, as well the associated erections. I thought this was peculiar and it could be caused by stress, and it certainly has only become an issue when that pimple-like bump emerged. Perhaps there is less blood flow through the penis? In any case, is this something to worry about, as I continue treating the wound to make sure it heals?

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Such bumps arise as a result of the accumulation of smegma inside the foreskin and cause bacterial infection. You can apply Mupirocin ointment till the area heals completely.Do not worry about the erections, they will get better once the infection has healed completely.If it does not heal in one week’s time, you can consult your local physician for further management.Hope this was helpful,Regards