A few months ago i had one of the worst

Patient: A few months ago i had one of the worst experiences in my life . On one particular night, the right hemisphere of my began began to quake with excessive force. I did not think much of it because i thought it was a fluke and will recover in no time. Every tike i mobed my head around the pain would jolt. I attempted to go sleep afterwards . I the pain the was still active however, i was tired during that day. Currently i am unable to sense anything on myright side . I am unable to breathe easy. I do have insurance but im curious to why this happend. I woke up the next day and the pain eased up abit. I also ma sleep deprived for about 8 or 9 years. I am a senior in H.S

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.I hope that all the investigations and proper treatment must have been instituted. The r eason of this can be a vascular lesion in the opposite side of the brain which can cause temporary or permanent problems like you had. Since this occurred one month back, you should have posted the reports of all the investigations.If not yet done get all the relevant investigations done after clinical evaluation by a Neurologist.MRI of the brain, spine, MRI Angiography and so on.I hope this answers your query.