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A few small bumps appeared on penis shaft They are

Patient: A few small bumps appeared on penis shaft. They are not itchy, not painful, skin colored. What could it be?



Symptoms: A dozen small bumps have appeared on my penis. They are not scratchy, skin colored.
One week later I started having a small pain in the groin, on one side only, inside (not on the surface.)
I have no other symptoms.



A few small bumps appeared ...-1

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query and the picture.Noted your history of dozens of small bumps on penis, pain in one groin after about one week.Please give some additional information:Since when are the bumps present?Any history of unprotected sex or risky sexual behavior?Any swelling in the groin?Please answer these as they will help me to assist you better.Regards,

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Patient: Bumps appeared about 10 days ago. They are small (1mm).
There’s no swelling in the groin, the pain is light and doesn’t change (no pain urinating) even when I touch the area. No risky behavior.

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
With the history and the picture you have provided, these look to be retention cysts of the skin glands.
These are usually self-limiting.
You may please keep them under observation; if they resolve well and good.
If they enlarge. may then need an active treatment.
If there is no lump in the groin the pain may be muscular.
I hope this answers your query and helps in decision making.


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