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A few weeks ago i noticed i started to feel

Patient: A few weeks ago i noticed i started to feel a bit weak especially on mornings.i find one hand feels a bit stronger than the other handI decided to check my fasting blood sugar and it was 91.I then went by a doctor and ordered a CBC.I have attached the before and after CBC….It showed 146 for platelets and the doc said that is slightly low so maybe that is why i feeling soHe then gave me a bag of drips……The next day I went back for the CBC and it was 149 and he say that good there.I noticed the PDW is a bit high so i dunno if that mean anything badI noticed between day 1 and day 2 both the RBC and WBC dropped a littleIs that cause for concernjQuery111301836403312627226_1471094024710??I am wondering if it have any problem with my bone marrow or if probably I have worms cause i never had a worm outI am 33 years and only 93 poundsI also wondering if is dehydration.Please look at the test results and tell me if you suspect anything or recommend me do any further tests…..I also have problems concentrating a lot tooWhat do you suggestDo I need a blood builder??



Symptoms: Left hand feels weaker than right…….
trouble concentrating when playing drums or driving to long……..



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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,Your reports are not visible at all. Please attach the reports in jpg format. I am unable to make an opinion, with the history provided.Kindly reattach the investigations please.Regards

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Patient: here are the reports you requested

Doctor: Hello,
This is a family normal report except the platelets which are on the lower end but anything more than 1 lakh is acceptable unless there is a decreasing trend which is not. Life cycle of platelets is 90 days and hence you should recheck yourself with a blood test after 90 days.

Patient: so nothing wrong with the pdw etc????
you have no idea why i might be feeling so then???

Doctor: The early morning weakness especially can be due to hypoglycaemia or low sugar levels and the myalgia with weakness in musculoskeletal system can be due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalances itself. The CBC is clean. Please get your sugar levels done.


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