A heterosexual male has unprotected sex with a heterosexual

Patient: A heterosexual male has unprotected sex with a heterosexual female, and is 95% sure, but not 100% that everything is OK. If either person wanted to be tested for the “usual” STD’s, how long should they wait so that good reliable test results could be had please ?

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Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD.Thank you for the query.There isn’t any one time frame where all STDs and HIV shou ld up, therefore, there isn’t a simple answer to this question. If you have had unprotected sex and are worried about an STD or HIV, you should get tested 1 to 2 weeks after and again 90 days later. This is because different STDs are detected at different times:Chlamydia – anytime from 1 week to 3 weeksGonorrhea – anytime from 2 days to 30Syphilis – anytime from 10 days to 3 monthsHerpes – anytime from 2 weeks to 3 monthsHepatitis B – anytime from 3 weeks to 2 monthsHepatitis C – anytime up to 6 monthsHIV – anytime from 4 weeks to 3 monthsOnce you get tested, you should abstain from sex with anyone until you have received the results.Regards.

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Patient: Perfect, that”s everything I could have asked for. Thank you very much !! Have a nice day. Sincerely, james

Doctor: Wish you all the best!