A little worried lumps near the neck keep showing up

Patient: About a month ago i had a small bump under my chin, 2 weeks later it went away, at the same time another lump showed up under my chin, it hurt a little when it was touched but it recently went away, today i found a similar lump show up on my neck, it doesnt hurt, its just under the jaw and doesnt feel solid, should i be worried?

Symptoms: So far nothing.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. These swellings under your chin and in the area of the jaw are probably lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are are small spherical shape organ that is found throughout the body. It functions as part of the immune system in which immune cells such as B and T lymphocytes are found. During infections these lymph nodes may become activated resulting in swelling which can be felt or even visualized upon examination. It is possible that these painless swellings you have observed were caused by thee lymph nodes responding to the clearance of bacteria in your neck area. This is a normal function of the immune system. Should these swellings become painful and more numerous throughout the neck. We recommend that you seek medical evaluation by a doctor. However as of now there is very little cause of concern.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com