A private doctor recommends me to have steroid injection once every six months

Patient: Hi I’m advised by one of private doctors to have steroid injection, costing about 50$ for every 6 months. Is that good for my health? He said it’s good for me to combat back pain, joint pain and to be healthy and recommended that I do exercise regularly while on the medication. Thanks. I check websites about steroid, and there’re too much info about both legal and illegal steroid use. I almost doubt that the private medical practitioner prescribes me an illegal drug when reading about illegal use of steroid by athletes and bodybuilders. So should I have it injected by him once every 6 months? By the way, I’m male, 31 and a bit weak physically, always dizzy and a bit overweight due to my full time sedentary work. Thanks. Please advise me in detail.

Doctor: I personally am not a big fan of steroids. My suggestion is to visit a few doctors to get their opinion before making yo ur final decision