A rash on my penis?

Patient: Hello, I am 16 and a male. I am not sexually active and have never been. However I seem to have some sort of rash on my penile shaft. It started 2 days ago and was on the direct center of my shaft. I got kind of worried, but read online that it could be from masturbating, which to be honest I had done the night before, and that it would go away in a day or two. Well now it has spread from the center, to right under the tip of my penis, and has swollen a little bit. It also itches like crazy. Now I am getting worried. I don’t think it is a STI or STD, I have had no sexual contact with anyone, but still this is not normal. I am worried to tell my legal guardian because one, if I did tell her she would probably ask to see my penis, and two she probably wouldn’t take me to the doctor because she thinks I over react to everything. Basically I just need help diagnosing whatever it is that I have. It doesn’t look to serious, but then again I’m not a doctor.

Symptoms: Small bumps, itchy, swollen

Doctor: Hello,This is a fungal infection, probably got infected during masturbation through your palms and fingers which prob ably carried the spore.The classical sign of itching and spread as well proves it . It is advisable that you may take antifungal medication like flucanozole tab 150mg single dose stat and if you can buy otc antifungal cream , that you may apply locally thrice a day for 5 days for it to heal completely. Try to keep the local area dry and moisture free. Avoid masturbation for a week till it heals completely.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards