A sexual partner of mine has contacted me to tell

Patient: A sexual partner of mine has contacted me to tell me to get tested as he’s developed sexual side effects of penile soreness and white discharge (80% of the time)/Yellow discharge from penis. I’s been almost exactly 2 weeks since we had sexual relations. It appears I have been asymptomatic to date but within a 2-day span he has experienced the above symptoms.Is it possible that these symptoms could arise with Type 2 Herpes? My previous boyfriend was diagnosed with this malady yet I tested negative myself and have never had any symptoms of this disease to the best of my knowledge to date. What if the test were wrong and I was exposed to the virus? Could these symptoms align with Type 2 Herpes also? I hope not but I am worried now.

Symptoms: Penile soreness during and mostly after urination (1 minute after or so)/White and Yellow discharge. Partner claims discharge has lessened dramatically within 8 hour span due to prescribed antibiotics called Doxycycline (100mg), twice daily. Doctor assessed as Gonorrhea but awaiting accurate test results.

Doctor: Hi.Yes, the symptoms of discharge from the penis is most suggestive of gonorrhea or urethritis and always due to STD .Actually it does not take so much time for gonorrhea to develop, it usually take only 2 to 5 days but occasionally up to 30 days to develop the symptoms. You had sex 2 weeks ago.Well this is not due to herpes.You also get yourself checked for gonorrhea and get started with Doxycyclin and ask your partner whether he has any sexual interaction with another female, that you are not aware of.Hope this helps.