A week ago, I got a weird tingling sensation in

Patient: A week ago, I got a weird tingling sensation in the tip of my penis immediately after masturbation which lasted a couple of minutes.Since then, I occasionally get the same feeling after I urinate.Could I have damaged a nerve in penis and how can I fix it?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.You may have injured the soft tissue in the penis. The soft tissue in the penis when inj ured will have mild swelling and pain. The tingling sensation that you are feeling may actually be a pain that is felt as tingling sensation.I advise you to stop masturbating for a week and also ice the area to reduce the internal swelling. Ice the penis when it is erect. If the pain is not reduced in 5 days, please see a Doctor.Hope this helps you. All the best.

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Patient: I wanted to add that all water tests have come back clear. On Monday & Tuesday I didn’t get any sensation at all but it came back for about 2 hours yesterday randomly and today it has just started again.
My doctor agrees that it is some sort or “Trauma” and to let the body heal itself.
Not convinced as she didn’t even advise me to put any ice on it or to take any anti inflamatory pills