A week ago I woke up with pain, swelling and

Patient: A week ago I woke up with pain, swelling and minor itching in left breast. I could also feel a possible mass or thickness around the breast. After doing research I learned about inflammatory breast cancer. I clearly had many of the symptoms. In the days that followed the symptoms I had completely subsided including pain, swelling and itching. I do still feel a small lump. Is it possible that IBS can produce symptoms initially and then reverse over the course of a week? FYI-I am scheduled for testing. Also, I have BMI of 49, sedentary and am on medication for bipolar disorder. Lamictal, effexcor, gabapentin and seroquel. Thanks

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted the history related to Breast, IBS, Bipolar disorder and medicines thereupon.- Y ou are very true in saying that there is something called as Inflammatory breast cancer, but the commonest is inflammatory breast disorders, which are not cancerous.- It is always a good practice to be suspicious of the disease of such importance. and it is also good that your appointment has been set .Get mammography, ultrasonography of the breasts done.If the lump is present, please insist on FNAC and biopsy to confirm and to rule out certain disorders.Hope this helps.