Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy

Patient: Hi, I’m pregnant (19 weeks tomorrow) and have been experiencing abdominal pain on and off for the last week, sometimes more severe then others. I’m not spotting / bleeding, but I’m a little worried. The pain at6 worst makes me double over – though it only lasts a few minutes. At my 12 week scan they noticed a cyst on my left ovary, and there was also one there when I had a miscarriage last June. Could this be the cause? If so, do I need to get checked out at the hospital?

Doctor: Hello, I understand your concern about abdominal pain during pregnancy. There are some physiologic changes that can caus e your abdomen to cause sore, as the uterus keeps on growing it starts to push up your abdomen and its contents causing pain due to gas formed in the intestines, this is the most common cause.However there are some other reasons that need to be ruled out such as biliary colic, during pregnancy the gallbladder release of bile is compromised sometimes causing pain usually after fatty meals.Surely, I agree with you that depending on the type of cyst that you have in your ovary, it could be another cause of your abdominal pain. I will suggest you to consult your physician for an evaluation and possible ultrasound to evaluate the ongoing pregnancy and rule out other possibilities. I wish you the best.